Sibelius 6 Quick Tips: house style, transcribing, midi, multirests

Today four new Sibelius 6 Quick Tips!

Sibelius 6 Quick Tip 12: house style: Text design
Is it possible to set the text styles for Title, Composer name, Lyricist, Headers and Footers one time only and apply this fast to every new score you start? It is! You can create a House style that contains all these elements and import it in every score you work on:

Sibelius 6 Quick Tip 13: house style: Text positions
After having defined the text style for the Title, Composer name, Lyricist, Headers and Footers it’s time to put them on their place. Here is how:

Sibelius 6 Quick Tip 14: transcribing music
Transcribing music means that you take a composition and rewrite it for other instruments than it was originally written for. For example you could change a duo for violin & cello into a duo for violin and viola. This is what I did in the videos below. I had to split it up into 2 parts because Youtube only lets me upload up till 15 minutes:

Sibelius 6 Quick Tip 15 – Sibelius midi export & import in Logic
Sibelius has the option to export the score as a midi file after which you can open this midi file in your DAW and use your sound-library to bounce the music to for example an mp3. In this video I show you how I do just that:

Sibelius 6 Quick Tip 16 – Combining bars in a single multirest 
You can tell Sibelius how many bars it has to include in Multi-rests which is a great option, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem to work! Here is a little tip on how to create a multirest from a selection of bars:

That’s it for this blog post. I hope the tips will help you.

To contact me, or for  information about engraving score, use the form below:

best regards,

André van Haren

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