Sibelius 6 Quick Tip: Headers and Footers

Sibelius 6 Quick Tip 20 – Headers & Footers

In this Sibelius 6 Quick Tip I show you how to create different kind of Headers and Footers. The nice thing with these text styles is that you only need to create them once after which they will be repeated on every next page. Be aware that they will only be repeated AFTER the page on which you inserted them and not on the pages before.

The Headers and Footers are created from the Create/Text/Other system Text menu you have 3 different kind of Headers and 2 kind of footers to choose from:

Header – Header after 1st page – Header after 1st page inside edge
Footer outside edge, footer inside edge.

From all these different styles only the Header is centred but it’s easy to change the alignment of every style in the System Text Style. Have a look at the video below to see this in action:

I hope you like this quick tip, please let me know if you have questions or ideas for other tips. To contact me, or for  information about engraving score, use the form below:

best regards,

André van Haren

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